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An Unexpected Weekend in Pudukottai

Vidya and I travelled to Pudukottai on 27 and 28 November 2004. This was a really unexpected trip, and came up when Kandha told us he was driving down to Karaikudi and asked us if we would like to accompany him. Having planned on going to Pudukottai for a long time, we readily accepted, and talked Priya into joining us as well!

The trip was hectic – set out on Saturday morning and we were back by Sunday evening – but we had a very good time, and we managed to see the amazing Sikagireeshwarar temple at Kudumiyanmalai and the frescoes at Sitthannavasal.

Saturday, 27th November 2004

We started from Chennai at about 8 a.m. on Saturday. The drive was quite enjoyable and we stopped for breakfast at a roadside restaurant. About half an hour after that, the air conditioner conked off, and we drove for a while with the windows down. Finally, on the outskirts of Tindivanam, we stopped at a roadside mechanic. They found that a belt was stretched too much and had to be replaced. The entire process took about an hour and a half, and we finally set out in earnest.

Stopping for BreakfastThe Mechanic Shop

We were driving on NH 45, and the highway was decent till we passed Villupuram, after which it steadily degenerated into a series of increasingly deep potholes. At places, we had to slow down to a crawl, and it was evening by the time we reached Pudukkottai.

We checked into Hotel Maaris, a new hotel with really low prices and decent service, and then headed out to Pillayarpatti. The drive to Pillayarpatti was a lot of fun, though we did go around a bit before we found the place. We reached it just in time as they were closing up for the day, and managed to take a look inside.

Luxury Digs in Pudukkottai!Priya buying smokes at Pillayarpatti!

We went back to the hotel, where we had a good dinner and hit the sack.

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