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Yet another post on the tsunami!

Yesterday, when a friend called up and told me that the tsunami had “changed the tilt of the earth’s axis” as well as “caused such significant changes to coastlines and islands that maps have to be redrawn,” my reaction was, “Yeah right!” Of course, I did not say it out aloud but continued listening till he rang off.

However, having got time to look it up, what he told me doesn’t seem to be just a rumour. There were news reports that the quake and the subsequent tsunami have caused the earth to spin faster as well as played havoc with geography in some places.

So much for my unbelievable arrogance in my own knowledge.

One thought to “Yet another post on the tsunami!”

  1. yes. ur friend is right. not only rotational rhythem changed. but new kind of pathogens by change of molecular biology with the potential to create further havoc.


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