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Abu Ghraib, beleaguered aid and Bulging Iapetus

Lynndie England and Charles Graner have a baby. Their lawyer has argued that tethers are not abuse and that it is commonly used by parents on their children in malls and airports. One wonders at the plight of baby England-Graner – will it grow up on a leash?

I was talking to Prabhakar yesterday – he had visited some of the tsunami-hit villages and had spent time talking to many of the affected people. He said that now that the initial wave of sympathy had died down, local quations had come into play, totally influencing relief work and determining who got what. He also spoke of a village where the traditional village committee had taken upon itself the task of rebuilding their village. They took charge of determining who was the most affected and who needed what. They have also fixed a two-month timeline for getting back to their normal lives, saying that after that, they would not require any help from outside. The only bottleneck they now face is getting their boats ready – an expensive affair where the Govt. has promised help. But this has run into rough weather because the local MLA wants them to get him a few boats.

I guess a similar thing is happening everywhere – old rivalries have resurfaced and are threatening to derail relief efforts. Aceh and Sri Lanka are also cases in point.

Iapetus, a moon of Saturn, looks like a walnut. It has a wall running along its geographical equator – which is 13 kilometres high at places. This has been revealed by pictures taken by the Cassini spacecraft.

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