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Return to Rohan!

Got back this morning from Coimbatore – a rather hectic five days! More on the trip to follow.

As I check the comments to be approved on my blog, I see the following, posted as a comment to an earlier post of mine on Rohan Pinto:

Hi Navin,

I wanted to send you all an email, but then thought that posting this message wherever I could �may� be better.

Please�Please�Please� DO not pursue this issue. I have let it go with no anger or malice. Like Amit Said �people make mistake, shit happens, lets moven on”. So lets all do so. I made mistakes, and (not to offend anybody or start another chain) others did too� Why dont we all let bygones be bygones and just move on�.

I admit that my rep has been ruined, years of hardwork has gone down in a matter of 3 days and may take 20 years to rectify. But thats the price I pay. I do not want others to pay a price like I did for mistakes that they �may� have commited.

This issue is causing a huge �rift� between people who knew each other so very well and were �brothers in arms”. Who am I to cause this. If you do get an opportunity to do anything abot this, i request you to advise everybody else to just let this go. let it be a closed chapter with a �lesson learned”.

Nobody could every rectify the damage it has caused. But we could all stop pursuing this and not fight like cats and dogs.

If people really want to do something about it, then delete all those posts that are out there. If posts could be edited, they could be deleted too� (but thats just my thoughts). Or let the posts remain, but do not contibue badgering each other.

�Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself�

this exact same post would be posted on all blogs I see that indicates any continuation of this topic. (and probably some which have references to me directly and no continuation)

Rohan Pinto

Well, I agree with Mr. Pinto that confrontation or belligerence will not get us anywhere, and it is better to be friends than to fight.

But I do have a few points to make:

1 First off, stop sounding like the victim here, Mr. Pinto. If you have suffered, you have only suffered the consequences of your own actions. None of us here is out on a witch-hunt, and we usually blog what we believe in.

2 Second, do NOT preach to me. If I want to be preached to, I’ll find a place of worship.

3 Third, while I appreciate you taking the time to post a comment on my blog, all you’ve attempted to do is use it as a platform for taking potshots at your detractors.

4 And finally, my blog, at least to myself, is as close at it comes to keeping a faithful record of my blogging activities. This means that if I miss blogging on a particular day, I will NOT come back another day and make a post dated the missed day. Similarly, going back and editing / deleting blogs will compromise the integrity of my activity. This also means that I’d rather not be told what can remain and what cannot on my blog.

Amit has blogged about his conversation with Rohan, and the apology tendered by him. Further to this, Amit writes again, this time apologising for his speculation without proof. I only wish I could be that large-hearted.

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