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Biriyani Bhai!

Whenever the cry of “Treat!” rends the air in our office, it’s time to visit the biriyani bhai for parcels of “halfs” and “quarters” – which while not being as intoxicating as their more well-known namesakes, are definitely more delicious and better suited for the middle of the day. For less than two hundred rupees, we can get enough food to sate the appetites of the five of us, and then some This purveyor of fine Arcot biriyani is sometimes so swamped that we have to make our own parcels!

The Biriyani ShopBhai in action!

The essence of this man’s biriyani is moderation – it is not overrun with spices or oil or masalas. This ensures a mild but fantastic taste that has two advantages – it lets you experience the subtle tastes and fragrances that are lost in overspiced food, and it does not cloy, even if eaten in unduly large quantities. Ask Ramesh!

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