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BSNL Dataone

If you thought the BSNL Dataone offers sounded too good to be true, you are probably right! Just like everyone else, I too was excited at the plans and convinced my boss that we should shift from our existing Airtel 512 broadband line to a BSNL Dataone connection. As the published tariff was exactly half of what we were paying, it also seemed a wise decision from a budget point of view.

So, we filled out the form and submitted it at our local exchange, and were told that “someone would come to our premises and do the installation.”

On Friday, an engineer (A JE, I think) from BSNL, accompanied by an assistant and our local “lineman” came marching into our office. Our lineman carried a brand new modem in his hands, and was looking very happy. I told him that we already had a modem and we wouldn’t be needing the new one. He rushed to assure me that it was alright and that we could use our old modem itself.

The engineer busied himself at my terminal, saying he had to install something – he wouldn’t say what. When I asked him about settings and configuring the connection, he seemed a bit lost and said, “You click on this icon and you will be online.” The icon he was talking about was a shortcut to a dialup connection he had created with no settings whatsoever.

While he was doing this, the other person and the lineman were in our backroom, trying to make sure the wiring was okay. As I had been around when the original wiring was done, and had taken care to label the wires, I was able to do the rewiring without too much help.

It was then, after all this, that the Engineer casually informed me that the internet connection would not work till the next day – they would “activate” it only then. It was a good thing I had not jumped headlong into this by cancelling our other broadband connection. So we switched back to the old connection and decided to wait till today.

This morning, after trying unsuccessfully to browse – how the hell can one browse if the settings have not been changed? – I call up BSNL customer care. After trying for some time, I get through, only to be told by the executive that the technical team will look at the complaint and call me back before end of today. I am still waiting.

So much for the much-vaunted Broadband-for-everyone schemes.

Update on 13 May 2006: Kingsly, uber-geek and all-round tech wiz and nice guy has some good information on BSNL Dataone. Check out his FAQs on BSNL Dataone and his analysis of the BSNL Dataone Metering System. He also points us to Appaji’s Using the BSNL DataOne ADSL service.

29 thoughts to “BSNL Dataone”

  1. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that BSNL finds a way to promise the moon and fail to deliver even dust from the air. The installation team that arrived to “set up” the broadband connection for my computer-illiterate mother just delivered the equipment and left. A JE left a number that was unattended for the rest of the day, and I had to do it for her. Still, the cynic in me can’t help but feel amused when they will charge a Rs. 500 or so fee for this “installation”/delivery. Customer service is still a good way in India’s future, I suppose.

  2. hii..
    iam rajani.i just registered for bsnl broadband through i am worried …wheather to accept the connection or not…… plz help me out …i want ur suggesssion…

  3. Bsnl broad band is ok in parts . sometimes the connection speed is too damn slow and is frustrating. it promises 256 kbps but the actual speed is always lower than that after ait is a gov organisatin and the help lines r never reachable. bsnl services r clearly not upto the mark

  4. navin,
    My experience has been a happy one. The tech guys have been excellent.
    Except on two occasions, since 5 Feb or so, when their server was down,
    i have not had any problems, whatsoever.

    I suppose it varies from exchange to exchange – i am at adyar.


  5. Hi.. I am planning to take the Dataone connection. I feel its the cheapest and best
    thing to be seen. But I am afraid.. its a gov organisation 🙁 nothing can be predicted.

    I want know whether you people had tough times or its ok…

    what do you sujjest?

    mail me please


  6. Hi, we have shifted to dataone. its good in speed and cheaper then other. we you take a connection. it takes some time because bsnl dont have exports on this. but ones it is done then there is no problem. the attitude of bsnl has been changing, we should support them.we are always in hurry, that a big problem for us. we should give some time to them. they are new in this field. after all they take care about our pocket. Hope you all understand my point.

  7. Well the speed is decent as compared to my previous provider (a nameless useless entity probably called velocity networks). The engineer who comes in for the installation is as you rightly pointed out, usually DUMB.
    First, he wants me to setup XP for the damn connection, since he can’t get it to work on Win2K. I eventually figured this one myself, but I would expect the engineers to be acquainted with common issues.
    Second, he said that in order to use the cordless phone we should have to disconnect the dsl connection. This was ridiculous. The actual unsaid silly reason is that the parallel connection for the cordless needs a low pass microfilter. The problem was solved by putting the cordless thru the splitter provided by BSNL – a simple solution the engineer could have given.

  8. U are totally mistaken about the speeds offered via the internet… BSNL Home connections usually offer 256 kbps… not 256 kBps.. notice the difference Capital and small ‘b’.. Its 256 kilo bits per second, not 256 kilo bytes per second….. So to convert kilo bits to kilo bytes, divide it by 8. Coz 1KB(Kilo Bytes) = 8bits. So then your download speed must be 256/8 = 32 kBps… Do some tweaking with your connection settings using a speed optimizer software and you will get nearly 32 kBps…

  9. i accepted dataone broadband from may06. bsnl broad band speed is as per promised. modem is chinese so you can’t rely on durability. stafff is having much more salary compared to other service providers but lack of computer hardware software knowledge.
    you can purchase new modem from market if chinese is failed. you can call software engineer by paying fees. you should accept such type of solutions and proceed.
    Overall dataone is much more superior than any other service procviders.

  10. been using bsnl since 6 months, the speed given is as promised, never had connection troubles and installation was done in about a day for me.

    never had any problems with this one(which is more than what i can say for cable internet providers)

    now shifted to the unlimited plan, and em sure my good experience with BSNL will continue.

  11. I took this connection last July. I din’t have much problem as mentioned by the others, till recently. But of late the speed particularly during day time has dropped considerably and most of the time site itself is not available. Outlook Exp. simply doesn’t work with the servers and most of the time. I would have shifted to another B/band company but for their very high rates. But still one should not have to compromise so much for the sake of cheapness.

  12. hey i am broadband installation engineer in bsnl.

    the people sayinng that the dataone connection they are having is upto their expectation are not sane they have used it and then mentioned. Actually if ur speed is somewhat slow that i have a solution for u the main reason for this the parrallel phones working with Broadband or the underground wiring people having. so make sure they are ok and enjoy the surfing.

    i am sure the people having prob will also get the right thing at the right price..


  13. Does any one know if the download limit corresponds to actual download (music/files) or includes surfing also? I have an opinion that surfing is free. Any views?

  14. heah raghavnk outlook very much works with dataone connection the only problem is u should give the dataone email address only u cannot give other address like

  15. I just purchsed bsnl broadband & I like to configure my TATA INDICOM email ID to outllok express. It says always email ID incorrect though I can receive mail. Can this be done?

  16. i got broadband connection on jun 29th. Post connection i could not login to G-mail. The Screen gets hung. But Yahoo is working fine.
    How to get with G-mail????

  17. Hi
    I Registered for Bsnl Broadband on Nov 5th. Yesterday they installed phone line(Nov 15th) when i will give get Broaband Activation Normally how much days they takes ?? for Net conection.

  18. I am living in village area of chinchoti near vasai,its been 3 months i have been applied for bsnl broadband,but i havent got it yet,when i asked them about it,they just told me”bhai sahab time lagta hai,aap gaon main rehete hain,kamsekam 8-9 mahina lagega”.what is this explaination?,i have my landline for 2 years and this is the service they give to us.better than to some private company than to government.

  19. hi guys,

    who all are planning to take BSNL Broadband , pleaseeeeeeeeee be careful.

    Let me tell you as predicted by one of my friends above . U cannot predit govt org.

    In the beninning we were getting right right bills etc.

    We use net just for checking mails.

    Since last 2 months our bills are 2,500 + and the BSNL staff think they cannot help us in any way.


  20. It is really interesting to read all the notes here. BSNL dataone is not configured properly by BSNL JEs. They do not have adequate knowledge of configuring for ADSL. Though you get broadband service you will be surprised to see the quality of email sending and receiving at dataone. My mails sometimes takes a month to reach me. If I send mails to yahoo I get a note often that the mail is undeliverable even after s many tries and returned to me after 5 days. If I send the same by gmail it is sent in a second. BSNL’s dataone email system is a failure and not working.

  21. can you let me know how you setup BSNL broadband on win2000, i am facing problem with win2000, its working on winXP but not working for win2000

  22. guys you can download anything freely after 8 am too in case of bsnl 500c plan. just stay connected before 8 am and stay online and download anything and continue after 8 too it will consider the download at free time. but make sure if bsnl link fails dont connect again and download it will be another session. i hav tried it its working

  23. hey guys,
    i have a question.i have applied for both the bfone and h500c connection last week(19-11-2009).the next day itself a person from bsnl came to my home to confirm my address and left.the next day another two came two my home and asked me where they should place the telephone wire and so on and gave me advices on wiring and left saying workers will come to my house and do the digging and wiring.i was really happy that things went fast.i was longing to get a mbps connection for high speed internet for my pc after using gprs through my mobile and edge data card of idea and it was not enough for me.the next day i was waiting and waiting but no one came.the next day i waited even by missing my class for that has been more than one week now.i am so frustrated because of these bsnl guys more anything.WTF.i called at my local exchange more than 3 times now and a lady always says the same dialogue ‘let me check’.i have stopped waiting for them.they are all i remember my brother’s sayings “don’t go for bsnl they are slow”.

  24. Hello BSNL broadband users
    I am a user of broadband modem type WA3002G4 I am trying to login into the dataone at their dialog box/tab- but seem to have forgotten the id & password : or rather there seem to be two separate logins : for i) bsnl and for ii) dataone. I need to know my usage details but unable to find the register tab. I am also not sure which scheme I am using though the bill says FMC for broadband 250 special offer plan = rs. 250.
    The BSNL helpline is too frustrating : too tired will someone help ?
    B B Prakash bangalore

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