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Priya on Tamil Movie Heroines

Here’s some gyaan on Tamil movie heroines from the inimitable Priya. Reproduced, as far as possible, verbatim.

All heroines do not have the same amount of talent or ability. Some of them can dance well, but cannot lip-sync well. Others lip-sync perfectly, but cannot dance too well. An exception is Saaya Sen [I think she means Chaaya Singh, sigh!], who has danced and lip synced well in the song Kumbuda pona deivam…, from Thirupachi. Those who can lip sync well, but cannot dance at all are, from olden times, Savithri, Saroja Devi, K.R. Vijaya in the olden times. In the middle trend, I do not know anybody. In the next generation, there is Sonia Agarwal (good smile, but a very unusual face-structure), Rakshitha, Gopika, Sneha, Devayani, Manisha Koirala, . Those who can dance well, but cannot lipsync at all are: in the middle trend, you have Ramba, Nagma, Roja, Nirosha. In the new trend you have Trisha, Sadhaa, Pooja, Ranjitha (she died in an accident), Laila, Reema Sen.

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