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The .in Farce

So I decide to get myself a .in domain – and remembering that the registration process was supposed to be open from today or tomorrow, I visited the IN Registry and saw the following:

The following registrars are fully accredited, and are authorized to register .IN domain names beginning 16 February 2005.

* DirectI
* GoodLuckDomains
* InCyber Advertising
* MPS TechnoSoft Ltd., dba
* (S.G.S.Technologie Private Limited)
* Net4India Limited, dba Net4Domains.
* OnlineNIC
* Silicon House

So I start checking them out, thinking I’ll pre-register with one of them so I can get the .in I want. But as I visited one after the other, I found that the process was horribly complicated – sometimes it involved printing out forms and sending it to the company – and the pricing and packaging was completely arbitrary. Net4India, for example, would allow you only to register for five years – at Rs. 800 a year, and threw in a “processing charge” of Rs.500 on top of that. Here’s a brief recap of the info I found from each of the registrars.

USD17.99 per yr. / min. 2yrs.


“Rs.729.99/yr for 2nd level
Rs.395/yr for 3rd level”

1 year registration

InCyber Advertising
First, you need to sign up, as there is no info on pricing.
After you sign up, there still is no info on pricing.
You are asked to “refill” your account, with the following helpful instructions:

“Book up to 4 Domains : Kindly deposit any amount in the even multiples of Rs.795 and/or Rs.395.
5 Domains and above : Deposit any amount in the even multiples of Rs.695 and/or Rs.345.
Minimum period of Domain Booking is 2 Years.
Amount Should not Exceed Rs.10,000/-“

There still is no information on pricing for .in domains

MPS TechnoSoft Ltd., dba
This site has absolutely no information on .in domains! (S.G.S.Technologie Private Limited)
These people want Rs.799 for .in and Rs. 399 for They will try and get you what domain name you want, but will give back your money if the application is unsuccessful. Fair enough. What they will not give you back is the Rs. 200 non refundable “application handling charges!”

Net4India Limited, dba Net4Domains

“.IN extension would cost Rs. 800/- annum. .IN extension can be booked for a period of minimum 5 years. Hence the total charge for a period of 5 years is Rs. 4000/- Per Domain Name. There is a processing charge of Rs. 500/- per domain.”

Enough said!

Fill out form, print and send to them, add funds into your account, active after 24 hours – no pricing info.
I was disinterested the moment I knew it involved offline stuff.

Silicon House
Rs. 725 per year for .in/Rs. 425 per year for / min. 2 yrs.

GoodLuck Domain seemed to be the best, but they closed pre-reg last night 🙁

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