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Visiting the Baskarans!

Vidya and I visited the Baskarans last night. As usual, it was a lot of fun. We dropped in at around nine, for what was supposed to be a short visit. We talked and talked till about ten, when in walked Nithila, and we continued talking. Finally, it was almost eleven when we left.

Theodore asked me a something which is making me think a lot. When I told him that I preferred movies to be entertaining and couldn’t bear serious stuff, he asked be whether i read serious literature. When I said yes, he asked me why I didn’t extend the same courtesy to movies. I am still thinking.

Thilaka and Theodore are such wonderful people, and we are lucky to have them as friends. We met Nithila for the first time last night and it was great talking to her as well.

It was a full moon last night – just as it was when the Baskarans visited us a few months ago!

Here is something Baskaran has written – topics that are close to his heart: wildlife and Chennai. Turtles and Antelopes on Seminar.

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