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A Picture Story

Ramesh and I were on his bike, riding down Purasawalkam High Road (I think), when I spotted this huge wall in the middle of the road. This was as high as your average domestic compund wall, and I remarked that this would stop jaywalkers from crossing the road randomly. Ramesh, an old Purasawalkam hand, told me not to be too sure. These people, he said, would jump across this divider with ease. I dismissed this as one of Ramesh’s typical “These-Chennaivaasis-are-crazy” comments.

The Median

Then, as we waited at the signal further down the same road, we came across this guy. He made his way among the cars and two-wheelers waiting at the signal, and stood near the median, watching the traffic on the other side.

Making his way to the Median

Watching the Traffic

Then, as the traffic on the opposite side was stopped by the signal, he climbed on the median in one swift movement, vaulted across, and made his way to the other side of the road. I had to bow to Ramesh’s superior knowledge of the inhabitants of Purasai!

Upsy Daisy!

2 thoughts to “A Picture Story”

  1. Thanks for the wonderful photos.

    As a Ex-Chennaivasi, I’ve seen this happen many a times everywhere.
    Sometimes I used to wonder how to educate these people to use the
    Pedestrian crossings. What is this all about. Is it the culture.?
    Why are these people in a hurry ?

    Only solution – Build a great wall of china in all the roads !!

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