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Reading Harry Potter

I am trying to follow Sheetal’s Plan A – a chapter a day ought to do nicely!

Fabmall’s come out with a slew of offers for those who pre-order HBP. Damn thing’s priced at 995, and the offer price is 796. Still a rip-off if you ask me. However, one since I cannot wait a moment longer than is necessary, I will have to pay the price. I’m not pre-ordering now though – shall wait till others bring out better offers, as I’m sure they will.

2 thoughts to “Reading Harry Potter”

  1. Plan A calls for discipline of no mean order, Navin! Can you do it? But if you do and crack it, tell us what you think :).
    And about Fabmall, how soon will they send it? I’m still inclined to thinka book in hand is worth several ‘on their way’!

  2. Well, actually, Plan A suits me to a T, given the abbreviated reading times I manage to make!

    Again, I am intrigued by the enforced stops between chapters – and yes, I’m guessing I will have to steel myself to do it 🙂

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