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Goa – A Spoilt Surprise

It all began way back in September 2004. We were planning our trip to Sri Lanka and Vidya made an observation about how we always went somewhere on my birthday, but never did any travelling during hers. The reason is that the weather is simply horribly hot in March, when her birthday falls, and is definitely more tolerable in July, when mine occurs.

As I thought of what she said, I planned to surprise her by organising a trip during her birthday to her favourite, as-yet-unvisited place – Goa. So I asked around, looked up stuff ion the internet and found that the easiest way for us to get there would be to take a train to Bangalore and from there to fly to Goa. I booked tickets on Air Deccan in October, and started shopping around for a good place to stay.

It was then that I remembered that we were paying a monthly EMI to Club Mahindra, and we would be able to avail of the holidays from February onwards. When I called them in October, they were unable to make a booking for me. They said I could book only in the first week of February.

Thankfully, I was able to make the booking without any trouble and all seemed to be set for a truly wonderful surprise.

That was when Club Mahindra sent their confirmation voucher to my home address, when I had been assured that they would send me nothing and I could pick it up from their office. Vidya was at home when it arrived, and the cat was out of the bag.

So now we are all set to go to Goa, though it would have been so much cooler if it had been a surprise.

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