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No Blogging Ramble

Vidya asked me why I haven’t been blogging regularly over the past few days. Did I not have anything interesting to write about, she asked.

I do not know really. I haven’t written anything for the past few days – not even a decent email. I guess this is part of some sort of manic-depressive cycle – I am full of energy for some time and then I go into an unproductive phase. Often, what is discontinued in the unproductive phase is nevefr resumed – I find something new to interest me in my next energetic phase. Overall, I guess this cycling is taking its toll – there is absolutely nothing which I have managed to do consistently over any significant period of time.

Which brings me to the point of this entry. This is an attempt to force myself out of the non-writing phase – sort of trying to break the curse by writing about it. A kind of self-exorcism.

Will it work, I wonder.

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