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The Beeb on blogging

What should we make of blogging? Is it simply the latest internet fad, a truly democratic tool for change or, as some have suggested, a vehicle for mob rule?
Blogging from East to West, by David Reid, Reporter, BBC Click Online


Bertrand Pecquerie, of the World Editors Forum, says: “I think we need a barrier, a sort of code of ethics for bloggers.


James Connell, deputy technology editor of the International Herald Tribune, says: “I would encourage my traditional media colleagues to look upon blogs as a positive thing and not a negative thing.

“OK, a few people have been fired and blunders have been exposed, but this could have happened without blogging.


Bertrand Pecquerie describes it as: “a form of collective intelligence.

“And it is interesting for newspapers or for media in general, because the bloggers act as fact checkers and we always need fact checkers.”

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