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Sushmita Sen – A thousand times better than Fiver… err… Pfeiffer?

Bhawna Satsangi writes in The Hindu, in the imaginatively titled article, Making SENse:

Suhmita is also excited about her latest release, Harry Baweja’s Main Aisa Hi Hoon, based on I Am Sam.


Adds the actress, “Ajay Devgan is impressive in the film. I play the character of Michelle Fiver. The Indian version is a thousand times better than the Hollywood original.”

Well, Sean Penn’s performance in I Am Sam got him an Oscar nomination. Does Sushmita Sen seriously believe that she and Ajay Devgan have outperformed Sean Penn and Michelle Pfeiffer? Or, is the writer misquoting her. The latter seems more likely, seeing how she calls Pfeiffer Fiver!

One has been seeing the quality of writing and writers go down at The Hindu over the past couple of years. Now, it looks like they hire hopeless ignoramuses (ignorami?) to be writers and sub-editors.

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