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Sify Broadband – Plumbing the Depths of Unreliability

It has been less than a month since I moved to Sify Broadband. I am in the midst of the third outage in the three weeks I have been with them. The first outage lasted four days, the next one a couple of hours, and now I do not have any idea how long this will last.

The inherent problem with the Sify Broadband network is that it is delivered to your home by a local cable operator, who strings up network cable over houses, telephone cables, electric posts – just like the old cable TV guys. So obviously, such a haphazard cabling system is bound to break down quite often.

The first outage was because of a lightning strike, which took out one wireless station and quite a few network cards. The second outage was because some electricity board guy kicked out the cable from a post. Both were last-mile problems, and were almost bound to happen, given the nature of the cabling.

Today’s outage is from the Sify server side. I tried calling their cuatomer care, was put on hold for about three minutes, before being asked to leave my number, where I would receive a call-back within an hour.

Always-on broadband has a purpose. It has to be always accessible. A one hour response time is not good enough – and that too is only an assurance, and I am yet to hear from them.

It is the work of a minute for me to call up Airtel and ask them to restore my broadband access, which is under safe custody. But that would mean losing the initial amount I paid Sify to connect me, and it is not a small amount.

For now, I need to be content with ranting on my blog.


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