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Karthik writes about the travails of watching Sun TV, and concludes that he pays for the bad experience because it reminds him of home.

I totally agree with him.

When we were in Singapore, Vidya had a horrible time with the food. Finding vegetarian food that she liked was proving to be quite difficult, and we found ourselves running back to Little India for food. We tried out different places in Little India, and one day, we walked into Saravan Bhavan. In a moment, we were transported back to namma Chennai – we might as well have been in the Parrys Corner Saravana Bhavan. The noise of empty stainless steel plates and tumblers hitting the steel wash bin, the shouting of the waiters, the strong smell of agarbathi and food, the screaming of little children, the shouts of patrons trying to attract the attention of a waiter – everything was so reminiscent of home. Forget reminiscent, it WAS home! Except for the fact that the money being paid was dollars instead of rupees, we were in Chennai.

The next day, we met Mr. Rajaram, and told him about our Saravana Bhavan experience. He told us that they went to Saravana Bhavan when they were tired of good service, soft-spoken waiters and whispered conversations. He was half-joking, but I suspect there was truth in what he said. I felt it too. I did not mind that the waiter forgot half our order and brought us something we did not ask for. I did not mind that Vidya and I had to shout to each other over the din. The food was usual Saravana Bhavan stuff, and the experience was as near to home as we could get there.

The longing for home, or the period of separation from it – neither can be compared to what Karthik writes about. We knew we were going home at the end of a couple of weeks, and could grit our teeth and bear it. We were mere travellers in a strange land. But we too felt, in however small a way, what he describes!

One thought to “Home!”

  1. The service at Saravana Bhavan Singapore is quite pathetic. I end up going there almost 2/3 times in a week. Most of the waiters
    are part timers. During the weekends it is very difficult to find a place to sit. But they serve the best coffees in town.

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