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Indiana at the Traders Hotel

Dined at the imaginatively named “Indiana” an Indian restaurant at the newly-opened Traders Hotel in T-Nagar on Saturday.

The hotel itself was very nicely done up, with bright interiors – lots of glass and light. We were welcomed by not less than three different people and take up to Indiana. Till then, it was all very nice and warm. We were feeling good, basking in the joy of being looked after, and anticipating a good dinner.

One look at the prices on the menu killed our appetites – we would have walked out if we had been any less hungry. We agreed to split a soup, a rice dish and a side dish. The food was quite okay, but the prices were truly outrageous. The soup, a tomato and herbs concoction with a fancy Indian-sounding name was Rs. 125. The rice dish, a veggie Arcot style biriyani was Rs. 310, and the side dish – a vegetable jalfrezi was Rs. 290. The portions were not too much – one of us would have found the entire meal enough, so that did not justify the sky-high prices.

To make matters worse, the service was sloppy at best. We had to ask repeatedly for our water glasses to be replenished, and the complimentary pappads arrived only after much cajoling. And this, when the restaurant was not even a third full.

A hapless hostess tried to ask us whether we were having a good time, and we tried telling her about what we thought of the experience. She seemed so overwhelmed by it that she told us to leave our comments on the feedback form and that the right people would see it. After a few minutes, we were approached by a gentleman who told us he was the F&B Director. He listened politely to our feedback, and told us that he would invite us back in a week’s time when we could have a much better experience. I am hoping he will, for I really liked the food, and would like to try out other items on the menu.

I guess the reason we were so disappointed was that we expected a more Residency-like experience. The name of the hotel, coupled with its location, somehow gave us the expectation of a business hotel which would give us good value for money. Oh well, we all live and learn!

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