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Speed Trap at Nandanam!

On your way towards Gemini on Mount Road, as soon as you pass Nandanam Signal you come across a speed trap. This is one of the regular speed traps, and yet, drivers speed like madmen (or “loons,” to borrow Prince Roy’s turn of phrase) from Nandanam Signal. Being in Karumuttu Centre right next to the action gives us a ringside view of the action. Ramesh reports, “The cops are catching speeders. There’s a fellow with a walkie-talkie next to the SI (Sub Inspector). He tells the SI what speed the fellow was doing. If you are doing 54 kmh, you have to pay 400. For 60 kmh you pay 600.” After a while, he came up to me and said, “A fellow in a Honda City was stopped. He was coming quite fast – must have been doing at least 80. He asked the cop what was the fine amount. The cops said 1000. He parked his car on the side of the road, locked it, handed over the key to the cop, got into an auto and went away.”

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