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Sify Broadband is now Sify Fraudband

Telecom / Internet service providers and I seem to be unable to get along.

This morning, my Sify Broadband connection was down. I am able to ping the gateway, and the problem lies beyond that. Customer care tells me that their technical team will look into it and revert in 12 hours. 12 Hours!!! for a connection that’s supposed to be ‘always on’? Already, within two months of usage, Sify Broadband has been down for a total of more than 6 days. That’s more than 10% downtime.

I think I’ll go back to Airtel DSL, now that they are offering 256 kbps on their home connections.

30 thoughts to “Sify Broadband is now Sify Fraudband”

  1. Dear folks,

    surprisingly I too have the same problem. For onw week no net connection and sify kept on sending their SO-CALLED techinical teams. Working now. But for How LONG?

    After all it is SIFY- Ocaasional Band!!

    M. S. Narayanan

  2. I am using sify broadband since last 2 years 8 months because
    this was the only option with me. I face many problems some times it does not ping at all some problem in local line and some times it is from sify side. any way it was some how ok. I was using a pack of 128 kbps one month unlimited pack for Rs. 995/-
    and ofcourse, it was ok. but now last month they said that you have got a limit of 150 MB per day and above that your one day will be reduced. is aid it is not god but they implemented that and last month my pack was finished within 15 days.
    some how i adjusted this alsobut this month they have done a one more great problem and my pack was finished within 10 days which was to run for a month.
    Today morning when i login it said your acount is expired where as yesteday i checked it showed to be expire on 5th july so i said to renew on due date. but when i try to contact sify ustomer acre they said that now if you cross >150 MB per day 1 day will be redueced and if ceross >175 per day 2 days will be reduced and if you cross > 200 3 days will be reduced that means that noew youn have only 25 MB per day download.
    and even thay have never said that before and npot mentiones also I really surprised to listen this and again i said to renew the same because at palam there is no is no ono other option except this sify who is really cheating people.
    all should know about this sify cheater.
    thanks to inform you all.
    VP singh
    new delhi

  3. I have been using Sify Broadband for the last seven months. Nothing can be more frustrating than this service. My connection does not work for 20 days a month. It pings but fails to connect. Every time the customer care people ask me to format the disk. I have done so 11 times in seven months. I use Norton. It’s regularly updated. Scanning finds no virus. Trend micro house call detects no virus. My dial up connection works absolutely fine.
    This is indeed a very poor service and they have been taking customers for a ride.

  4. Ihave been using sify from the last seven months and i am having a lot of problems. Its server is down for twenty days a month and they ask for money!!. the costemer care says the pc should be formated(i have formated it five times last month it self). The man says “go for an anti-virus scan.I have norton’2005 and it is regularly formated.
    When ever i try to connect the computer screen turns green.
    If you connect to it then be prepared for your hard disk to crash.
    Sify is nothing but a piece of crap. They say ‘The people who Don’t like waiting, use sify’. but i say that ‘The people who use sify can do nothing but waiting’.

  5. hi all,

    i hope Sify knows what is the meaning of the word unlimited b’cos that is one thing they are not i took their unlimited connection 256kbps for a month and my account expired in two days yes people in two days why because i connot use (NOT ONLY DOWNLOAD) more than 150 MB a day

    i am a professional who works with clients in the US and one file i upload or download will be 100 – 200 MB that means at Sify’s pace india will no longer be BPO country

    i hope if all of Sif’s coustomers can get together and file suit against this fraudalus Company and get them to either pays up or revise their packages or worse comes worse close them down and throw them behind bars

    please respond we can make a gourp in yahoo or something and raise our voice together it is time we stand up for ourselves than let these leeches ruin our lives

    i hope all of you understand all these criminals are consider us despendeble and they think that we indians still live in the 19th centuary where we were slave to somebody else

  6. Ofcourse, I was using sify broadband since last 3 year or more but it frequently getting diusconnected from sify CTO (Classic broadband), Kailashpuri, palam,nd, I have requested several times CTO/Sify customer care to install a wireless device or some thing so it does not get disconned. but they did nothing till time so finally I decided to leave sify and last month send them a final email. and Got a new wireless connection from HOTwire. which is installe don 2nd Dec 2005 and running fine till now. except 2 days I got problem due to power failure at CTO one day and another upgradation from Hotwire side.
    rest all days its running fine no disconnection.
    I am using 196KBps unlimited pack which is ok for me its unlimited download also for one month but in sify download is only 150 MB per day if u cross 25 MB u will be reduced by one day validity.


    VP Singh
    New Delhi

  7. Hey there,
    Sify I’d calli is a bunch of quacks dacoits thiefs…I suggest a better way of doing business to Sify start begging.
    False claims pathetic(words fail here use some superlative) customer service…we should sue rather sue these idiots for trial and tribulation they make us go through.
    Feel like whipping myself for not guaging and falling a prey, its been almost one month my ordeal started I got a sify broadband installed…to my utter dismay it has worked just 3 days of this one month..
    Trouble Shooting and BB101 is what I’ve paid for.
    technician says “Sir lines are faulty beacuse of down pour” so that translates into net won’t work in rainy season.

    Come summers their wires will melt and ateways will burn come winter they’ll have everything freezed.

    i don’t remember I’ve ever cursed someone unless i feel I’ve been subjected to deliberate cheating.

    Sify is well deservant of my curse …is someone listening…LETS SUE THEM drive them out of this nation

  8. Hi guys,

    The sify broadband is fraud one. I am getting “BB101: unable to reach gateway”. I buyed a sify bb connection 4 months back. From the day I bought this connection, the problem started for me. I am getting “BB101: unable to reach gateway” thrice in a week and couldn’t able to connect sify bb for 12 hrs. Four days before I got the same error but this issue is unresolved till now. When call up customer care they said “that technical people are working and your issue will resolve with in 12 hours!!” I think sify customer care do know the timings my issue is unresolved till now (65 hours!!!!). I personally advise not to use sify Broadband. They are not biggest broadband provider, they are fraud band. Think fraud, think unable to reach, think sify Broadband.

  9. 12 hrs :-)? My connection is down for more than 2 months.. Calls to customer service always goes in vain.. They either dont pick it up or say that they’ll send their person soon…

  10. I took a Sify connection last month and it’s a total waste. Mine is a 256 Kbps unlimited conn, I am mostly on the net during night working on cases that come from U.S. Most of the time the conn goes off and I get a “BB101: unable to reach gateway” error. I can’t ping the gateway and have put this across to Sify customer care 5 or 6 times. Everytime they say that a tech will work on this, but then nothing happens. Like others say 20 days in a month the net doesn’t work and still I have to pay the amount. Since I have no other ISP available in my area I have to stick with this one. It’s a real headache and frustating when I am busy with work and the conn goes down. Hope they will listen to these woes and make the correction.

  11. hey…
    i have suffered a lot at d hands of sify. pathetic is an understatement for the kind of service they provide, that is if they provide.
    i had to opt for a costlier option of Airtel DSL, and am not regretting even a single nano second of it.
    perfect net access, and a landline….
    now this is one ‘always on’ connexn!

  12. I am also one among the sufferin ppl frm sify..was tryin to search a phone no. in sify apart frm the usual customer care (Whr they will say they will inform the technical ppl) n i found this forum.. frm 10 days.. i am facin lot of the ppl in my area with the same sify connection r able to browse and only i hve the prb n my complaints r unanswered.. can anyone suggest me what can i do for this.

  13. Hi
    I really left this Sify Fraudband about 10 months back and now I am using Hotwire broadband which is ofcourse, some how better than sify. I some times get problem with this also but still better than sify. ofcourse it is little costly also. I have unlimited download & hours without any login logout. even I have shared many PCs. and given some shared connection
    vp singh

  14. Hi all,

    I agree with this service provider being called as Sify Fraudband.
    The Fraud lies in the way it operates. The concept of “Business associates” or the “Local Cable Operators” who give us the connection. This model is not good. Because it all depends on them and sify does not take responsibility at all.

    If you are not satisfied with the service and want to dispose the connection, there is no way you can get back the huge investment you have made to get the connection.
    You simply lose it, because Sify says that they are not getting that amount and its the local providers who get it.

    The local operator went to the extent of splitting the wire connection and giving it my neighbour also rather than giving a new wire connection. I wonder if sify is bothered!

  15. Hi,

    SIFY has been charging about Rs 100/ per month for their non-existant service.

    I take 1 month, 1gb limit, 256 speed pack worth 651/- after all their charges. This month (1st Jan 2007) they have taken full amount but alloted me a wrong package of 500 Mb for 2 months. I consume abt 500 Mb in 15-18 days time. They are totally reluctant to correct their mistake.

    Earlier also once (in Aug ust ror Sept 2006) my remaining amount of Rs 175/- suddenly vanished when i tried checking thru their software My account feature. They never entertained any complaint.

    All calls to SIFY land up in Chennai and unfortunately lot of time is spent in deciphering the north indian and soiuth indian english accents.

    Its time people woke up to fact that SIFY care is non-existant and they just want to collect people’s money.
    Unfortunately in my area only SIFy cablenet broadband is being provided by all cable people. The mannerism of SIFy ( in other words, ‘rudeness’, ‘unprofessionalism’) has rubbed onto to SIFY franchises as well.

  16. Sify sales representatives commit you low prices to sell the broadband connection. After 2 months the cable operator demands more money. Sify does not own up the committments of their sales representatives. Sify says that it is not responsible for the committments given by their sales representative. One such fraud sales representative of Sify, who is protected and supported by Sify, in Thane is Mahesh – mobile no 9850732987. BEWARE OF SIFY BROADBAND AND ALSO MAHESH – 9850732987. DO NOT ENTERTAIN ANY SIFY REPRESENTATIVE. HE WILL CHEAT YOU AND SIFY WILL SUPPORT HIM.

  17. I am also a person of sify counterfiering. These people are shit. I am sorry to use such valgair language but they deserve it. I had taken this connection about a month ago. I have the happy hours plan. And surprisingly it got over just yesterday. I think the cable guy hacked my id and used it.

  18. SIFY!!! ITS a WASTE for Service, False promise and lot of Bad connection….I feel CHEATED….

    I ll never ever suggest anyone to go For SIFY ever again…..!!!! Watch out!!

  19. Absolutely the most pathetic rip-off I have ever experienced in my LIFE. My supposedly 24 hour always on connection works at best 40% of the time… can’t even be bothered to elaborate on the details because the company evidently gives a rats ass about their customers. Someone should sue them for fraud, misrepresentation, cheating, breach of contract, and more. Nothing would give me more satisfaction than to see that company shut down altogether.

  20. I have written this letter to the chief.
    Respected Sir,
    I was your regular customer and your local agents’ attitude towards services was not proper. So I thought why to not take approach directly to the company to pay my subscription fee for six month, which I paid through e-card in the month of January 2007. Suddenly to my surprise company stopped giving me services with ought my knowledge. I thought that there is network problem. I went on complaining continuously with the local customer care on 261 77460 for registering my complain. But they failed to reply why my connection was not working. When I got angry on one of them on phone. One of them confessed that local cable network person Sonu wants his share, which according to him I had not paid to him, had switch off the network connection. Sir, here I want to submit that if any how if the local area agent is so powerful to decide whether the connection is to be continued or not. If any how he is authorised by you to act like that. It means you have appointed GUNDAS (Unfortunately he is my neighbour every day he visits my place ten times a day, but never said that he is the culprit and wants money for his share)at local level to extort their share of money from your customers. If I had to pay the money to that your GUNDA for subscription then company is accepting such subscription by e-card. I think your dual policies are responsible for such complications in providing services to the customer. Why don’t to clarify on net that If You will pay by e-card you will be required to pay separately to your LOCAL GUNDAS for availing services. When I continuously argued at your customer care centre at Mumbai regarding this matter, I will told by your person, that we have taken our money, now it is local GUNDS’s turn to extract money from you. If you want you connection to be reconnected you have to approach that GUNDA (Sonu) will decide now to reconnect my connection or not. Here I want to say you that I haven’t paid money to that GUNDA (SONU, the local operator. I have paid money to you. You are responsible to provide me services for the charges I have paid to you. It is none of my business to approach to your local GUNDAS for paying them ransom to reconnect my connection. Why you not disclosed this fact on the net that If customers will pay directly to the company subscription for net services they will have to pay again to local GUNDAS again under different headings. Sir, If you want to run this company, you need to look very seriously in such matters and solve customer grievances by abolishing dual policies made by your company.

    At last, I want to alarm, warn to you that If you will ignore this complain as your subordinates have done in past, you will invite more problems in this case. I have undergone and have studied the cases against your company. and also have downloaded judgments of the cases you lost in the court of law. I am studying cyber-laws and crimes. Very soon you will come to know that I have filed case against you in the consumer court. Further, as other customers who have successfully won cases against you in the court of laws, as they have written blogs against your company’s services. I will also join with such customers and launch campaign against such customer unfriendly policies. It was very terrific to know that local person want his share of money and has disconnected the connection. It was very shocking to know from your customer care.

    Kindly do something in this matter, other wise face in the consumer court.

    Hopet that you will do the needful and resume my net services.

    I want to say that why to not lauch a campeign against the company wrong practices.

    Mrs.Anjali Balani
    shop no.6, Tarapunj society,
    kopri colony,
    Thane East.400603.
    Tel. No. 2532 1671,

  21. I have taken Sify connection 3 days before and in these 3 days 50% is the downtime of the gateway. I wish that I would have visited this forum before. I feel that we need to find some a way to teach Sify a lesson. If anyone has some suggestion please let me know.

  22. I also faced same problem. I can ping but can not connect the net.Recently i started to face new problem. the message comes searching the server and Ip address condlict. So many times i complained but no use. customer care says its problem from local cable operator and local cable operator says its from sify.
    I am thinking to change this connection as i am fed us of slow browsing and no connection..

  23. i m using sify bb since 10 day.but the service is poor.I agree with this service provider being called as Sify Fraudband.Most of the time the conn goes off and I get a “BB101: unable to reach gateway” error.
    i m surender from karnal my mobile no. is 9996345015. and dont go for new sify connection.plzzzzz

  24. Absolutely right.I am also using sify[pheraps truth is most of the time im unable to use it because its disconnected].
    I m a big sufferer of sify. I do nt have any other option other than it otherwise i would have changed it much before. Even at the first month it remained disconnected for almost 12 days if you leave errors which occur once in every 2 hours.
    wether its BB 101 or LAN disconnected the list of errors is huge..
    But the big problem is rude and aroogant and stubborn nature of both sify customer support and local operators which are real dacoits.
    From 2 weeks I m able to use net only for 3 days.
    and everyday they kept saying. Your problem is resolved. Local operators dont even pick up the phone. They have innovated many ways to make their phone no. unavailabe everytime.
    To my surprise when yesterdy i found my net working. The irritating sify client forced me to change my Anti virus and download that useless trend micro AV. and today when i called up sify they said The AVG free edition you were using is useless and is trial pack and they rudely refused to disable that Anti virus restriction. I told them that i m myslf a computer engg but the Call center guys think they are genious. Then i called up another call centre of its to remove the AV restriction.

  25. mine one is pretty peculiar… i’ve dis connection frm past 6 months everything was ok xcept the server gets down twice a day gaping 3-4 hours…. nd sometimes i tried to scratch ma head….but this iz not d problem …
    the problem iz that i can’t upload file more than 100 kb ….
    formated ma system 3 times… but it doesn’t works..
    sumtimes it uplods 500 kb but not more than tht…

  26. Hi All,

    I am facing a very peculiar problen with Sify Broadband Client, whenever I cliked it to connet to internet without asking for my username/pwd it logs me in, though auto login is not enable and to get rid of this error I uninstalled the Broadband client and re-installed it on my system but I am still facing the same issue.

    Can anybody help me in solving this problem.


  27. Hi all,

    I am from thane

    Since 3 weeks Sify is down ….

    if i call the local sify op he says from main sify office its down & wen i call nd ask sify customer care dey say ur local op is givin wrong info server is on here …….
    now wen i called 1 person told in ur area sify is facing sum issues he told dat till 2morrow 2pm dey will solve that issue ……..

    So hoping that 2morrow will work……..

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