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Tata Indicom Broadband – too good for itself?

Sourav Ganguly sings a Breathless-style song about all the things he can do with Tata Indicom Broadband. I wish I could try all those things out. You see, Tata Indicom Broadband’s customer care tells me that in my area, only 96 connections can be given and as all of them have already been given out, I cannot have one. What about expanding their capacity, I asked, and was told that the ‘higher ups’ will have to decide and only then would anything happen.

All this I was told when, after placing an order about a week ago and not hearing form them at all, I called them up now to know what was going on.

Such an aggressive marketing campaign, where they are spending millions to get exposure, is just money down the toilet when it is not backed up with prompt service and a responsive enquiry handling system. I am sure my reaction would have been more positive if I had been called back within the promised 72 hours and told that I could be accommodated only when they expanded their infrastructure.

3 thoughts to “Tata Indicom Broadband – too good for itself?”

  1. My experience with Tata Indicom has so far been harrowing. I applied for a broadband connection on 22nd April 2005 vide application number 1383163 and order number 61716. While I was being sold the connection I was told that it will take merely 7 days for the connection to become operational. Two days later I received a call from Tata Indicom whose purpose was to reconfirm receipt of m application and the verification of my address. The gentelman on the other side very kindly informed me that the minimum time required is 12 working days. Well, I said to myself, few days here and there does not really matter.

    Alas! the few days turned into many days and then many weeks and now almost two months. The wait continues. One day in between two gentelment from the company came to my place to ostensibly install the connection. My father-in-law, who was at home at that time, received them. They then said that they will come back the next day to complete (?) the work. Till date they have neither bothered to come, call or do anything. Meanwhile, I have called the call centre on numerous occasions only to hear ‘apologies’, ‘comprehension’ and promises ‘to escalate the problem’ to ‘senior executives’. I am still waiting…

    Tata, a name once synomymous with reliability in India, appears to be slipping. They should realise that times have changed. It was easy in the yesteryears to appear professional and efficient compared with the largely lethargic and complacent public sector but in today’s world of globalisation, hypercompetition and international benchmarking, the rules are different and the game definitely much tougher. Sooner they learn this lesson, the better. The consumer is no longer willing to wait for preposterously long periods for services. Testing customer pateince in today’s world may not be a sound business idea!!

  2. I too have a Horrible experience with this Tata Indicom broadband. I applied to their service a month ago and they told me that i’ll get a call within 72 hours and i haven’t received any. When i tried to check with cust. care, it was poor customer care service and they say that they don’t have my information updated in system and they took my info again and no calls from them yet and when i mailed them about this, still they say that they don’t have my details updated in their system. When i checked their online enquiry status, it says “feasibility in progress”. Horrible experience and very very poor customer service.

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