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Vadi – In the Eye of a Storm!

Vadi is at it again! His latest play, Shanmugam: The Keling Kia Trilogy Part 1, has stirred up a hornet’s nest among a part of the Tamil community in Singapore. A few have decided to take offence at the term ‘keling kia’ – a Hokkien term used to refer (derogatorily) to South Indian Tamils. Narayana Narayana has a nice piece that provides a bit of background to the names used to refer to different sections of Indians in Singapore. The New Paper also has a report on the controversy.

Poster for Shanmugam: The Keling Kia Trilog Part 1. Click for a larger image

2 thoughts to “Vadi – In the Eye of a Storm!”

  1. I don’t think Vadi can make money by creating a controversy. There is a limited Indian crowd here in S’pore and he has to tap the same crowd for his future performances as well. If he tries to demean the Tamils he will be trying to dig his own grave.

  2. Well, having worked with Vadi, I think I can safely say that his motive is to educate / make people think rather than to demean. He himself is a Tamil, and obviously, as you say, there is nothing to be gained by demeaning his own people. As an artist, his primary goal will be to express himself, and by doing so, help others come to terms with the issues under scrutiny.

    But then again, as a media person, he also knows that any publicity is good publicity!

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