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Film Smoking Ban – from State to Centre

The good and kind Vibhu, ever the gentleman, feels it is his duty to report on the recent ban imposed by the Indian health ministry on the depiction of smoking in movies.

But Vibhu seems to have hit the nail on the head – what the father does in Tamilnadu, the son seems to carry on in Delhi! With this background, it seems pointless to debate or even point out the absurdity of the whole affair.

One thought to “Film Smoking Ban – from State to Centre”

  1. Not just this case, Navin. Remember when Ms.Jayalalithaa wanted to construct hi-rise buildings on the Marina sea-front ? The DMK moved quickly to get T.R.Baalu pass a law prohibiting the construction of buildings on coastal areas throughout the country.

    Tamilnadu is very unique in the sense that even local squabbles can assume far-reaching consequences at the national level !

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