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Seven Ghosts

Murali narrated the story of seven ghosts he had watched on Vijay TV last night. Apparently there is a programme that usually features true crime stories which last night featured a story about seven ghosts that are holding a small village to ransom.

Some time ago (the time frame is very fuzzy), seven girls died within eight days, all of them commiting suicide for no apparent reason – hanging seems to have been the preferred mode. Since then, the ghosts of the seven girls have been terrorizing the inhabitants of a village in Cuddalore district.

One night after the girls had died, a bus was flagged down by seven girls. They got in, and took their seats, but did not buy any tickets. Before the conductor could approach them, the bus had got to the next stop and the seven got down. Two stops later, the driver saw the same seven waiting for the bus. He lost his head and panicked, running over the seven of them. There was blood and gore everywhere as the seven were mowed down, and the driver drove straight to the local police stgation and surrendered, saying that he had killed seven girls. However, when the police reached the scene of the crome, there was no sign of any disturbance, nor was there any blood or gore on the bus. All the passengers had seen the seven when they got in and got out, and they had seen them waiting in the bus stop, and had also seen them being hit by the bus.

In another episode, a man driving a bike heard a group of women singing and dancing. It being the middle of the day, he was wondering who it was that was making the noise. Leaving his bike by the side of the road, he went to investigate. Unable to find anyone or hear anything more, he turned back, only to see the seven girls singing and dancing around his motorbile.

Another guy was cycling along when he was accosted by a girl who asked him to take her on his bicycle. Such a thing being a cultural no-no, he refused, and chided her before going on his way. A few minutes later, he could see her standing on the road ahead of him, laughing at him and taunting him to dare and try cycling past her. Needless to say, our hero ditched the bicycle and fled the way he had come.

Unable to bear all this, the villagers engaged the services of the local goddess through one of her devotees. The entranced devotee caught all seven spirits and bound them to a tree far away from the village, but they escaped somehow and have returned to haunt the village.

Now, rumour has it that the seven are looking to increase their numbers to ten. The people of the village live in constant dread of what they will think up next.

Tonight is the concluding part of the show, and if Murali has an interesting narrative after watching it, I’ll post that too!

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