Shyam Radio – or Sham Radio?

Shyam Radio proclaims “Live from Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.”

It also says, “No download required. Just click, minimize & enjoy.”

I have clicked. I have minimized. I am enjoying the sound of silence.


  1. I am enjoying shyam radio daily. It is my browsing companion. Probably WMP is not functioning in sigamani’s system.


  2. I am daily listening to shyam radio. It is very nice and entertaining. It is not sham.It is Super

  3. Hi,

    some problem with your ears, man. shyam radio is very popular among bangaloreans and hyderabadis. It is the FM of software people.


  4. Need not go to link sites. direct hearing is the best. shyam radio is nice cool; site with movie stuff, comedy. what is so nice is no full song and also email service to hear songs

  5. Hi folks,
    I subscribed shyamradio & when tried to access the links mms:// & shyamradioplus… I can’t able to hear…
    I m accessing from my company firewall, so i have to change the proxy settings. If anybody know please tell me how to change the proxy settings to hear from the link??

  6. I subscribed shyamradio and shyamradio plus and I am hearing very nice..particularly their comedy webcasts. Prakash has to approach his system administrator to change proxy settings..since he is hearing from his networked system

  7. Reply to Mubarak..shyam radio plus is subscription can directly hear from their server..both shyam radio and shyam radio need to visit home page and see all non sense stuff man..straight log to your audio plug in and hear both radios at a very reasonable cost of Rs. 300 per year for unlimited hits..I am hearing it ..refer to others..good effort

  8. Hi..folks
    I think shyam radio and shyam radio plus are the best on line radios. Both can be heared for a simple subs. of Rs. 300 per year – unlimited hits. Shyam radio plus is ver nice with daily several hours of cine comedy, Ilayaraja, Oldies, MGR and Rajni songs. No home chance for phishing. Very good effort… contact They are very helpful also and clear all tech. doubts and that is after sales service for such a small sum.

  9. i am umapathy lead engineer(POWER DIVISION) working in mnc company ,delhi, i like shyam radio , it gives good relaxation to me when i feel guilty . all the best for shyam radio team .

    shayam radio —- power tool for fun , enjoyment

    best of luck for all shyam radio listeners

  10. I am daily listening to shyam radio. It is very nice and entertaining. It is not sham.It is Super..

    its probably that you dont have flash plugin .. Great work shyam radio guys

  11. It is a nice blog which introduced shyam radio to us in we are enjoying their online tamil tv 24 hrs a day..whzt is amazing is shyam radio group’s email fast..just send a mail to to know the details..thanks

  12. I am a regular listener of Shyam radio and I cannot describe in words how relaxed I feel. After a tiring work day, the first thing i do after reaching home is just listen to shyam radio.
    keep on the good work shyam guys.

  13. hi….. shyam radio it gives good relaxation to me and also i would like to wish u people. all the best for shyam radio team .

  14. im looking for world radio and came across this site ,but im having trouble scaaning my mouse a cross it and even space bar wont activate it i have tried any thing even window media player any tips please
    and this wont happen to be the same shyam who writes and does storys and films them for children is it forgive me if me is wrong .tah very much all the way from england wil someone help me try to get on this is so frustrating …..

  15. Hi all…i am malaysia..kuala lumpur…i listern to this channer everyday…non is good. super…good work.

  16. shyam radio is a web page internet radio..
    Thameyinty from Malaysia , Selangor
    please play to me the song
    En Kathala from DUET‏

    to : Murali , Surash, Neelaveni,Rambabu From alaysia Kavitha ,vanaja From poothukothai,Rajeni banglore india,

    10 Q very much

  17. From time to time I really need to hear Shyam radio. It is phantastic!

    Micha from Berlin, Germany

    By the way: It works properly on Windows 7 with Firefox 11.0

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