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Shyam Radio – Still No Go!

I have been criticised for my criticism of Shyam Radio – I got two people, one mis-speller of my name claiming WMP (which is Windows Media Player, I presume) is not working on my machine, and another doubting my hearing. Unfortunately, I able to hear other music played on my WMP. Not only that, I am unable to get anything at work and at home. I have tried different browsers, but still no go!

I have emailed – I shall wait for his response to see if I can listen to “the FM of software people.”

One thought to “Shyam Radio – Still No Go!”

  1. Hi Navin Sigamany
    Even the same here, i could not hear anything… When i open the site, it starts with chandramuki music and after that, its perfect silence… Please let me know if you get a reponse

    ~rajesh rv

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