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Bashing Microsoft China

Microsoft censors Chinese blogs
Microsoft helps China to censor bloggers
Microsoft censors its blog tool

It’s as if Christmas, New Year and your birthday happened on the same day. The media have gone to town, crying foul because Microsoft China is not breaking the law.

I wonder what RSF would do if they had a lot of money – hire a mercenary army and try to ‘liberate’ China? Just because a country happens to have laws with which they do not agree, they express “disgust” when Microsoft or Yahoo abides by the laws of a land. What do they want – corporate giants to turn social activists?

This is misplaced activism at its worst, and RSF has shown itself to be sans sense and sans reason.

Again, what “ethics” does RSF have if, as an organisation, it calls upon a service provider to wilfully break the laws of a land, and the terms of its contract with the government?

I am all for freedom of expression, but activism needs to be tempered with good sense, and social activism with good social sense. It is one thing to call upon the Chinese government to give up censorship. But it is quite another thing to upbraid a company for abiding by the terms of its contract and respecting the laws of a country where it is operating.