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Kumarakom – Good Food, Music and Alaska!

Last night, Suresh, Vidya and I had dinner at Kumarakom in Adyar. The dish of the day was Pork Vindaloo, and it was delicious. The meat was tender and the masala restrained. The parottas I had with it were soft and tasty, with nary a hint of oil. Vidya had appams and paneer butter masala (the heresy!), while Suresh had appams with a beef masala. The food was tasty, and the ambience good. As we finished, we could not help but draw a comparison between Kumarakom and the dinner we had on Saturday at Murugan Idli Shop.

We had live entertainment when the owner (I presume) sang Malayalam songs on the karaoke system. He had a tiny stage on which he stood and performed. After him, one of the boys who worked there also did a number, and I personally thought he sang much better than his employer.

Finally, when it was time for dessert, I spotted something on the menu called Alaska. I asked the waiter what it was and he told me, in all earnestness, that it was ice cream with a jam roll, and that it was a Kerala speciality. It sounded good and I ordered it, and when it came, quite enjoyed it.

As we were coming out after dinner, I wondered aloud to Vidya why there was not a crowd of prospective patrons waiting outside like at Murugan Idli Shop. I had spoken too soon – as we came out, we saw that there was a crowd of about fifty waiting patiently to get in.

One thought to “Kumarakom – Good Food, Music and Alaska!”

  1. Kumarakom on Kodambakkam High Road is way better than the restaurant in Adayar, in terms of food, ambience and singing:) But if you want to go there and make conversation, it is not going to happen. The last time I went, people were so excited about the songs, requests were being handed out. A guest even came forward to sing his version of a popular mallu song. It was fun!:)

    P.S: On the downside, I was getting stupid sms msgs from there *sigh*

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