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Asian “Unready-for-reality” Age

Amit points out that the Asian Age web site is not accessible to any browser other than Internet Explorer. When I tried accessing it with Firefox, it said: “This page can only be seen in IE” Compatibility: Your web browser needs to support HTML4.01, CSS2 and JavaScript to correctly view this page.”

It is surprising, not to mention horribly head-in-the-sand, that in this day and age, a media organisation could be so insular.

2 thoughts to “Asian “Unready-for-reality” Age”

  1. I also experienced a similar problem. Since the online content is free they are not really obliged to give a better user experience (unless they are making lots of money from the ads).

  2. I was trying to play games at and had a similar problem. This site has a very good Alexa rank so it’s extremely popular, but I guess they don’t care about Firefox users.

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