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Narain nets five fishing in troubled waters!

Imagine the Cricket World Cup. Now imagine, just before the tournament starts, seven of the ten teams say they brought hockey sticks instead of cricket bats, and so, can there be a “compromise” for the sake of the fans, and can the organisers erect hockey goalposts and remove the stumps so that hockey can be played. The seven teams are magnanimous, saying that they are willing to forego the goals they score – they just want to play so that the fans will not be disappointed.

The organisers refuse, and so the seven teams withdraw from the tournament, letting the three teams that brought proper equipment to play for the trophy.

The media goes to town, calling it shameful.

This is what happened in Sunday’s US GP, and in the resulting chaos, Monteiro got his first podium finish, while my townsman, Narain Karthikeyan picked up his first GP points.

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