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Santham – Exiting through the Fire Escape

Watched Chandramukhi last night at Santham. After the movie, we were not allowed to leave by the regular exits. Instead we were let out through a narrow and extremely poorly maintained fire escape. By the time the large crowd managed to make its way out of the hall, it was about fifteen minutes.

Which makes us wonder – what if a fire really breaks out? The fire escape route is really too much for children and elderly people – there are too many twists and turns and steep steps. It is much too narrow, and in the case of a fire, or even a threat of it, more people are likely to die in the stampede than in the fire itself.

The last time we were in the Sathyam complex too was quite painful. This time too, it has left us with a bad taste in the mouth. The Sathyam Complex has grown too big to take care of things like providing their customers with the basic necessities – like a way to get out of the theatre, or a trouble-free movie experience. Maybe this time, we’ll take the effort to check out our neigbourhood theatres – they will be many times cheaper, and we will not have to travel as far.

Or maybe we’ll just establish contact with our friendly neighbourhood pirate.

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