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Solidarity against Airtel

Airtel seems to delight in screwing with the happiness of its long-standing customers.

I am on Airtel – landline, mobile and broadband. I’ve been dealing with them ever since they set up operations in Chennai, and they have been consistently providing me with technically superior service, combined with what is perhaps one of the world’s most atrocious customer service. Untrained executives with major attitude problems seem to populate their call centres, which are backed up by inefficient software that always seems to be on the blink. Even when it is working, it takes ages (weeks!) for simple things to be updated.

The sad truth is that Airtel simply does not care, nor does it need to care. Customers are not its focus – it has grown so big and monstrous that simply its momentum will keep it going.

I no longer rely on any “automatic” things that Airtel promises. It is far less troublesome, and also much easier on one’s health, to make the trip to an Airtel showroom and make one’s payment.

Vibhu – I totally am with you here, as are, I’m sure, thousands of other similarly tormented souls.

7 thoughts to “Solidarity against Airtel”

  1. Like I said Navin, I did use the cheque-in-the-dropbox routine for the last 2 payments. Looks like I have to stick to this…at least till Airtel manages to screw up this one too !

  2. Hah! That’s where they’ve got you fooled. The nincompoops lack the essential coordination required to take the cheque and pass the credit to your mobile / landline / broadband account ON TIME. About a year and a half back, they actually blocked outgoing calls from my landline because they claimed they had received a payment – which I had dropeed in their dropbox about a week before the due date. I had to make a payment to get them to unlock my phone. Then, in my next bill, I found that the payment I had dropped in their dropbox had been also reflected, way after the due date. It is not that Airtel is just inefficient. Airtel also just doesn’t care.

  3. The strange thing is that Airtel is able to process Internet payments for my landline numbers, but not for my mobile number. I guess I ought to count my blessings ! 🙂

  4. But guys- Let me tell the advantages of Airtel:
    This is the only company who:

    1. Never bother you calling for payments – I havent paid my bills for the past 3 months- I’m testing them. But I’m happily using their connection for even ISD calls. More happily browsing the net for days together

    2. If at all your conscience pricks you (talking about the difference between Good or Bad or Dharma or Adharma )and you go to their showroom with the cheque & find that you have to pay 4 or 5 grants, you can still negotiate a waiver of atleast 80% on grounds that they have never bothered to ask you for payment & that you are ashamed of using their connection, YOU ARE 100% guaranteed of the waiver .

    Why worry when you are dealing with someone who never bothers abouit their revenues???? Bindaas life chalaa le- Airtel Ka connection Le

  5. This is to express my regret towards Airtel service providers..i have begging every month to the Airtel PPl to collect my bill…im using Postpaid……..they never respond to my queries or…they never turned up and resolved my requirement ,…my req is afterall to collect my billed amount …..since they have promised me during the time of providing me the connection.This really shows ……..they never listen there customers …..every time my due date will be crossed ..they promptly do deactivate my Account(this is the one they do correctly and in time)..nothing else they do totally dissatisfied ..and they never cooperated…………..i want to say this before i throw away my airtel sim card..this i want to inform because..u may loose many more customers like this………….

  6. I have been using airtel for the past 4yrs in coimbatore.. after comin to chennai i took a new prepaid connection and submitted all the required address proof to the dealer.. 10 days later they barred my out going.. i called up and asked them the reason for barring the outgoin.. they told they dint receive the address proof.. Isn’t it their responsiability to collect all those proof’s from their dealers??? they asked me to submit it in the nearest airtel office.. my workin hours are from 9a.m to 9p.m and i work on saturdays also.. i told them that.. the answer they gave was its ur problem only if u sudmit the proof u’ll get the outgoing.. aren’t they bothered about their customer satisfaction?? what are they goin to gain just increasing the network with showing a minimum concern towords customers?? it would have just taken 5mins for them to find out the dealer name from me and call up dealer and find out if the proof was submitted and collect it later.. nothin was done.. dont knw how to speak with customers also.. if this is going to continue they will one day loose all their customers.. my sincere advice to everyone.. Dont ever get into this stupid network..

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