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Have found a house in Saligramam and will be moving there at the end of July. Funny thing is, we haven’t been able to get in touch with our current landlord yet – so he still doesn’t know we are moving.

Moving and all its attendent pains are soon to be upon us – the change of addresses in banks, passports, driving licences… finding new domestic help, getting used to new commuting routines. At least for Vidya there will be no commute – the new place is 800 metres from her workplace. Transfering phone and internet connections will also be painful.

The new place will be a new experience for us – it is a colony with a lot of apartments. We have never lived in such a set up before, and it remains to be seen whether we find it suffocating or empowering.

The apartment itself is large, with a sizeable den. Maybe we’ll be able to set up the TV in it, so that we do not lie awake half the night watching it.

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