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Stepped out a bit and overheard two conversations, both very colourful!

Both conversations had that (in)famous Chennai expletive that can be used to express every emotion from complete and utter joy to the deepest despondency. I shall replace it here with SC, short for Saxe-Coburg – I’m sure you can work out what it is!

The first, two guys outside Royal Shoppe, one loudly complaining to the other:

“SC, that fellow made me really angry. SC, he took me into his house, made me sit… SC… And then nothing – not even a glass. SC, I can drink a quarter in a sitting. SC, I usually drink a half in a sitting, and he gives me not even a glass…”

The second, between two petrol bunk attendants, watching an autorickshaw with a (deliberately) broken silencer, speed away from the bunk, which is located in the heart of Velachery:

First Attendant: My ears are torn…

Second Attendant: Let him go to Mount Road, SC, and he’ll be jacked. Because this is Velachery he is showing off…


3 thoughts to “Overheard!”

  1. Invokes nostalgia…the sweet sound of SC. Where I am at I dont get to hear it much 🙁
    I remember people in hostels practicing not using it for 10 days before vacations, lest it slip out in conversations at home. 🙂

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