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Airtel again

Airtel is at it again. A sickening apathy to customers’ expectations seems to tinge all their actions and operations. Being talked down to by uncaring Customer Care Executives who cannot do anything but parrot prepared scripts is downright insulting.

I sent an email asking for my telephone and DSL line to be shifted to my new place Saturday before last. Airtel technicians wired my new place last Saturday, assuring me that it would be activated in 24 hours. It still hasn’t been activated.

All calls to customer care have been met with a “We’ll call you back regarding this. There seems to be a technical fault and we are working on it.” The last two days, a mysterious “Ms. Lakshmi” has come into the picture. She called me once – and it looks like her watch is about 90 minutes slower than mine. Now, she too has stopped calling me. The latest response is that I will get a call from her before 12:45pm today.

I wait with bated breath.

Update (1255 hrs)

Just got a call from someone named Shanthini from Airtel. Apparently the technical fault has been rectified, and my telephone line will be active by 1400 hrs. When I asked about my DSL, she didn’t seem to know what the status was, and assured me that since I had asked for shifting both in my email, that too would be done. When asked for a time frame, her reply contained the phrase “two days!”

In one of my earlier copnversations with a CC Exec, I was told that the DSL would take about 8 hours to be activated once the telephone was activated. I just wish someone would tell me what is the real time taken, not just pull numbers out of thin air.

I shudder to think of the exercise I’ll have to go through to get them to activate my DSL. Then again, they might screw up and activate it along with my phone line! There I go again, counting before the hatching…

Update (1617 hrs)

Just back at work from home – I had to go all the way to meet an Airtel technician who had to “configure” the phone connection at home so that it would work. What he actually did was fiddle around with some cables outside my apartment and adjust something in the Airtel box below my apartment building. Since all the internal wiring had already been done, there really was no work to be done inside. Finally, after the line was working, he wanted my signature on a form that says the phone is working. I now realise the only reason they wanted me there was to sign the form. And for that I had to take permission for a couple of hours.

Airtel – they really make you work to use their services!

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