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2 thoughts to “I Love Chennai!”

  1. Hi,
    I am a norwegian film student who are going to make a documentary in Chennai, India in february. I am now doing research and try to find interesting stuff to make about. Now I have looked on Kollywood, the porn industry, old traditions, etc. If you know any good research sites, or have a good idea, or something, please let me know. And I also wonder, what is crazy/funny/special/sad/good with Chennai and India.

  2. Hi Silije,

    Good things abt chennai is, its called as the most disciplined metro in india and safe ofcourse.. why not u make a documentary on Kollywood itself, a film industry though much better than bollywood is always degraded. Best actors,best direc,music director (AR rehman (oscar winner),music maestro illayaraja.. best dancer (indias michale jack) everyone from kollywood but still.. we have to fight with Bollywood for nomination tamil films to oscar.. hope this gies u more idea

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