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ICICI Bank – Hum hain naa, but not if you want less than Rs. 500

The least amount of money you can now withdraw from your ICICI Bank ATM is Rs.500. And at the ATM near FoodWorld Saligramam on Arunachalam Road (incidentally the one nearest my home), you can get only thousand-rupee notes. Which means that I have to travel all the way to KK Nagar to get money.

ICICI Bank, by way of overmarketing themselves, seem to have stretched their resources in terms of ATMs very thin. In spite of the fact that theirs is one of the largest ATM networks, most of their ATMs always seemed to have queues in front of them. Not anymore. With the 500-rupee minimum, most ATMs are deserted – perhaps the bank’s aim has been achieved.

To me, what this means is that I no longer keep my money in the bank – it is too cumbersome to access.

This is also indicative of the way ICICI Bank thinks of its customers – if you are not the type who thinks nothing of withdrawing a minimum of Rs.500 everytime you go to the ATM, they are not interested in you.

They also, like their counterpart in the telecom industry, Airtel, seem deaf to their customers’ requests.

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