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A Cruel Joke

The Hindu, normally a reliable-enough newspaper and not an institution given to playing practical jokes, seems to be breaking new ground. This morning’s paper contained an article that would not have been out of place in, say, Beeton’s Christmas Annual, alongside the first appearance of A Study in Scarlet. It would have been hopelessly anachronistic even at the turn of the last century. The views and the manner in which they were expressed competed with each other for being embarrassingly retrograde, and any editor in the 1900s or after would have told the writer to get a life and stop writing.

So, when I read this in this morning’s paper, I was getting quite worked up, and tried to find out a bit more about the author. That was when I came across another piece she had written, also published in the Hindu, about a year ago. And that was when I realised that someone at the Hindu has been playing a cruel joke on the lady, suggesting to her that she apply her (supposedly) considerable writing skills and good sense to try and advise people on what is good for them and what they should think and do. And about once a year, this someone in the editorial department gets his or her laughs by publishing an article by her.

It is time someone told the lady about this. On the other hand, what a great joke!

Here’s what was published today, and here’s what was published about a year ago. Judge for yourself!

3 thoughts to “A Cruel Joke”

  1. dear navin, can i EVER thank you enough for sharing this beautiful writer and her view of the world with me? i didn’t think it was possible, but i’ve fallen in love with the hindu all over again after once losing my heart over an informative article on ragi titled ‘slimy but wholesome’

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