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Google Reader – Making Madness of Sense

I read a few blogs everyday. They are not too many, so I don’t need a feed reader – I just use Live Bookmarks in Firefox.

So, when I came across Google Reader, I was not too excited. However, since I use Gmail almost obsessively, and it gave me access to Reader, I’m tinkering around with it. Surprisingly, for a Google product, it seems to be extremely non-intuitive and buggy. Maybe its me and my unfamiliarity with feedreaders, but Google Reader is frustrating me even as I type this.

My test feeds, which are nothing but repeated additions of the same Blogocentricity feed, refuse to go away – the unsubscribe option seems to work, but the feeds remain.

The “Add a Feed” link merely previews, but does not add. The only way I can add a feed is by searching for the feed and then clicking on the “Subscribe” button. This is tedious, and quite ridiculous, especially when I have the feed url and just want to add it.

I wait for Google Reader to be fixed.

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