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Real World Rita Skeeters!

Karthik narrates an interesting tale.

Only a few days ago, Magesh and Murali were regaling me with such stories – commonly called kisu kisu. When I pressed them for their sources, they came out with a list of real-life Rita Skeeters – gossip columnists who wrote under particularly well-known pseudonyms. Maybe each pseudonym was used by a team of writers, but is it more exciting to think of them as Rita Skeeter-like individuals.

What started off this thread of thought was the name used to sign off the story Karthik narrated – Vamban, which means (very loosely translated, of course) one who indulges in loose talk. Other similar names, according to Magesh, include Mister Kazhugu (Mr. Eagle) in Junior Vikatan, News Poochchi (News Insect) in Vannathirai and Karuppu Poonai (Black Cat) in Dina Malar!

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