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L’affaire IIPM

Just when you thought it had all gone away, here I am with another post on the IIPM imbroglio. Well, I came across these, and I very well couldn’t let them pass without being mentioned, could I?

Outlook has coverage on the issue, where T R Vivek says that “the time has come to lay down the ground rules for both bloggers and their targets.”

It is almost as if he is resentful that people other than journalists can actually take it upon themselves to write about issues – he says:

The Indian blogging community (or blogosphere, as it likes to call itself) is essentially a bitchy, self-indulgent and an almost incestuous network comprising journalists, wannabe-writers and a massive army of geeks who give vent to their creative ambitions on the internet.

Oh well, to each his own.

While looking around the Outlook website, I also came across this: Withdrawal Of B-School Rankings To IIPM, where it says, “Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) doesn’t disclose facts truly and correctly” and “the institute has been misguiding the potential students with unethical advertising practices.” These are quotes from Outlook’s notice to the public about IIPM. Wonder whether they too received a legal notice!

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