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False Impression

Finished reading False Impression at one shot – well, almost one shot. It was such a delight returning to what can safely be called vintage Archer. The book was engrossing, fast-paced, had the usual twists and turns, and in true Jeffrey Archer style, left me feeling good in the end. The blurb on the back of the book is actually quite misleading – and at the risk of playing spolier – seems to hint darkly at things that aren’t there in the book. False Impression is a straight-forward, honest-to-goodness thriller, just like A Matter of Honor, which I did finish at one go about fifteen years ago!

Jeffrey Archer’s recent books have been, to say the least, disappointing. False Impression seems to escape from this and is a “spanking good read!” Maybe I’m gushing this much since I spent the weekend putting down a book in disgust and discovering an old master. The former was David Gibbins’ dryasdust Atlantis, and the latter was James A. Michener’s Chesapeake. Having a bit of reading time on my hands, I rummaged through the pile of books my father had passed on to me a couple of days ago. Atlantis was slickly produced, and had an interesting blurb. It began promisingly, the prologue’s setting in ancient Egypt seemingly making up for the rather lukewarm writing. The main story began, and the principal characters were introduced, and I was struggling with it – my reading slowed down and the text failed to hold me. As I read the description of the first two characters, I was going, “Okay, this guy is Dirk Pitt and his buddy is Al Giordano.” That was when I gave up on Atlantis and, quite sensibly (even if I say so myself!), turned to Chesapeake.

Michener is not an author I have read, and the sheer size of Chesapeake would have had me putting the book on the backburner. I began reading it rather desultorily, but the first few pages had me hooked. By evening, I was almost two hundred pages into it, and had to put it down to catch a train. And then I get home and Suresh hands me False Impression saying he wants it back in three days and I finish it in one!

For now, it’s back to Chesapeake!

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