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Zine5’s Back!

After a longish break, Zine5 is back on again! I like the new design – it seems very energetic and fresh, and we have three new pieces of writing to kick off!

April this year will see Zine5 being online for five years. Vidya and I are racking our brains trying to figure out what can be done to fittingly commemorate this occasion. Yes, we hear those voices in the back that are screaming, “Shut it down for God’s sake!” and choose to turn a deaf ear to them!

We also hear the voices, not so far in the back saying, “Just keep it going without a break, will you. That’ll be commemorative enough!” To them we say, well, we aim to do that – it’s what we need to do more than that that is occupying our thoughts.

The publishing of a souvenir, the kicking off of an annual (at least) journal, changing the Zine5 publishing format – all these have been discussed, though not discarded. Over the next few days, a few ideas should be firmly decided upon.

This is exciting!

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