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The Amazing Tales of the T-Man

Sometimes there are people who live simply amazing lives. And then there are those who can tell a fine tale. Very rarely there are people who lead interesting lives, and have the turn of phrase to regale you with their adventures. One such person is the T-Man. To talk about his life would be to give away too much – read the stories and find out!

Every now and then I remember a tale he has told me, and try to put it down. Of course, my only guide is my memory, with all its shortcomings. I may have added a touch more drama here and there, and the truth might have been twisted a little bit here and there to suit my fancy. But these are the Amazing Adventures of the T-Man, and nothing can take away from that.

Starting now, I shall write the tales whenever the fancy strikes me, and whenever I can remember a tale from the great many he has told me. All of them can be found on the Tales of the T-Man page, which can also be reached by the Stories page, to which there is a link at the top of every page!

Here’s the first of the tales, which I have chosen to call Touch and Go.

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