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An Evening of Sports

Sunday was a fantastic day of sports – first the F1 race in Bahrain, then the biggest run chase in one-day cricket history!

Bahrain was a good race, and saw Schumacher returning to winning ways. Though Alonso took the first position, it was good to see the Ferrari team getting its act together. Things did not go so well for Massa, Barichello’s replacement, and a botched up pit stop saw him slip from a potential podium finish to ninth place. Alonso drove a dream race, giving Schumacher a taste of his own medicine, going tyre-to-tyre with him coming out of the pit. Raikkonnen took third, driving with an incredible one-stop strategy. Rookie Nico Rosberg made a dream debut, driving a fantastic race to overtake Coulthard and Klein in the last stages of the race to finish seventh, claiming two championship points in the bargain. Apparently the last person to take championship points on debut was Rosberg’s Williams-Cosworth team-mate, Mark Webber, who finished just ahead of him.

After the race I switched channels to find out that the mother of all one-day internationals was going on. South Africa successfully chased down a mammoth 434 by Australia – it went right down to the wire, with the winning run coming off the penultimate ball of the innings. Definitely one of the best matches I’ve watched.

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