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Movies Galore!

Over the past few days, we watched the following movies:

Final Destination
Started out okay, and the premise seemed to be good. Though the ending was a bit flat, it still did not push the movie to B status.

Final Destination 2
This one started, progressed and ended as a B movie. No pretence of being anything other than a sequel, and quite repetitive.

Absolutely hilarious. Two thumbs up all the way. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels was better, but this one is pretty damn good too!

Russia House
I enjoyed this – it was rather like reading a book. Sean Connery was perfect as the not-too-sober British publisher, but Michelle Pfeiffer, though she seems to have tried very hard, is not convincing in her role as Katya. Maybe, if they had got a Russian actress to play Katya, it would have been better. Rather like Julie Delpy in Before Sunrise and Before Sunset (both great movies that I enjoyed immensely).

Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman – the movie was just passable, and that’s not because of its age. As my first Ingrid Bergman movie, it was a disappointment of sorts – I really cannot see what all the fuss is about her.

The Sting
A wonderful movie, eminently enjoyable.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Started out confusing, was gripping in parts, and though a bit draggy at times, this twisting and turning tale did not have a strong finish. Overall, it was merely passable.

Matrix Revolutions
Blah! Only for die-hard Matrix fans!

Babe – Pig in the City
After watching Babe and liking it a lot, this one was one heck of a let-down. Rather like a bad tamil movie that thrives on pathos, this goes from bad to worse. What makes it all not worth it is the weak and flat denouement, when it finally happens. A ridiculous waste of time.

Lethal Weapon 2
Heh heh! What can I say? I was bored, and this was as good a way of passing the time as any! Better than Pig in the City at any rate. Fast-paced, action-packed, funny – total entertainment, no edification!

The Italian Job
This was the new one. Slick and fast, I actually enjoyed every bit of it.

Now you know why i haven’t been blogging 😉

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