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ICICI Lombard – An Experience

Here I am, writing about how a company rides rough-shod over the individual rights of a person, and I’m not even a customer of that company!

This evening, at the rather late hour of 8:40 p.m., one of my two mobile phones rang. Vidya, who normally uses the phone, picked it up, and in a few minutes, was in a flaming temper. Apparently some guy identifying himself as being from ICICI started speaking to her in Hindi. When she asked him to speak in English, he started lecturing her on how Hindi was the national language, and she was not patriotic as she asked him to speak in English. He then proceeded to inform her that this is not Britain, where everyone speaks in English. Vidya gave him a earful, partly in chaste Hindi, but mostly in English.

I took the phone from her and asked the caller, in the politest of terms I could muster given the circumstances, who he was, the company he was calling from and the object of his call. He refused to give his name, said he was calling from ICICI, and asked me to identify myself! When I asked him how he had got the number, he mumbled something about it being generated by a machine. When I asked him again he said that he had been given the number by someone. When I pressed for the name of the agency he worked for, he just hung up.

The number he called from was a Mumbai number – 91 22 56018043. I called the number, only to have someone slam it down on hearing my voice. After a couple of minutes, I called again, and this time someone answered. When I asked what place it was, the person who answered, very brightly, informed me that it was Mumbai. Patiently, I explained to him that I knew it was Mumbai as I had dialled the number, and I just wanted to know what office it was. It was then that he told me that it was an ICICI Lombard office. When I told him about the call and wanted to know the name of the agency, he very reluctantly told me that it was the Mahalaxmi branch of ICICI Lombard in Mumbai, and that he was a Team Leader called Samir, and that he would see to it that the “bullshit person” would be fired. Though I knew this was a pack of lies, I rang off, as there was nothing else I could do on the phone.

Next, I called up ICICI Lombard’s Chennai Customer Care number, and attempted to make a complaint. The executive who attended my call was patient and pleasant, but pleaded an inability to take a complaint on this matter and advised me to write a complaint to the generic email address. So that was what I did, and that is where matters stand as of now.

Eternal optimist (fool, in other words!) that I am, I signed off my email to them with “Expecting expedient action.”

It is time to wait and watch!

9 thoughts to “ICICI Lombard – An Experience”

  1. I am searching job as a back office executive in icici lombard bank
    My bio data is seding with this letter


    Name : Amol Anil Vaidya

    Address : Patnekar Bungalow,
    Purushottam Niwas,
    Block No.3, Ground Floor,
    Near S.V.Joshi high School,
    VallabhBhai Patel Road,
    Dombivali- East -421201.

    Father’s Name : Anil Ramkrishna Vaidya

    Mother’s Nmae : Anagha Anil Vaidya

    Email-ID :

    Tel No. : 9819031779

    Birth Date : 18th March, 1981

    Age : 25Years

    Languages Literacy : Marathi, English, Hindi

    Current Salary : 3000/-

    Expected Salary : 6000/-

    Computer Literacy : MS-Office – 2000 & 2003,
    Tally5.4, DTP
    Internet Explorer,
    Outlook Express

    Qualification :

    1) B.COM passed in March2002 from Mumbai University
    with 40% marks [ Night College].

    2) H.S.C. passed in March 1999 from Mumbai University
    with 48% marks [ Tilaknagar Junior College].

    3) S.S.C. passed in March 1997 from Mumbai University
    with 40% marks [ Swami Vivekanand Vidyamandir
    Rana Pratap Bhavan, Vishnunagar].

    Work Experience :

    1) Working as an Office Executive in CA Firm
    From (1st January 2006 To 31st June 2006)

    Job Profile : Office Routine Work, Filing Documents,
    Receiving Telephone Calls, Scanning the office
    documents, letters, etc. word, excel,

    2) Worked as an Office Assistant/ Computer Operator
    in Chemstar Industries Pvt Ltd. (Chemical Industry)
    in Dombivli MIDC for 6 months. From
    (1st January 2005 To 31st June 2005)

    Job Profile : Office Routine Work, Filing Documents,
    Receiving Telephone Calls, Dispatching
    Documents like Sales, Invoice, Bills, Covering
    Letters, Export Documents, Sales Tax Challans,
    Income Tax Returns, PPF, LIC, Monthly,
    Banking Transactions, Cheques Deposits
    Payment Collections, Operating Fax machine,
    Xerox Machines, Internet ,Word, Excel, ETC.

    3) Worked as an Office Executive in a
    Quality Industries Pvt Ltd (Chemical Company)
    From (1st December 2003 To 31st December 2004)

    Job Profile : Office Routine Work, Filing Documents,
    Receiving Telephone Calls, Dispatching
    Documents like Sales, Invoice, Bills, Covering
    Letters, Export Documents, Sales Tax Challans,
    Income Tax Returns, PPF, LIC, Monthly,
    Banking Transactions, Cheques Deposits
    Payment Collections, Operating Fax machine,
    Xerox Machines, Internet ,Word, Excel, ETC.

    4) Worked as an Office Assistant/ Computer
    (Chemical Industry) for 6 months.
    From (February 2003 To July 2003)

    Job Profile : Office Routine Work, Filing Documents,
    Receiving Telephone Calls, Dispatching
    Documents like Sales, Invoice, Bills, Covering
    Letters, Export Documents, Sales Tax Challans,
    Income Tax Returns, PPF, LIC, Monthly,
    Banking Transactions, Cheques Deposits
    Payment Collections, Operating Fax machine,
    Xerox Machines, Internet ,Word, Excel,
    Maintaining Debtors & Crediotrs Register
    Records, ETC.

    5) Worked as an Office Assistant/ Computer
    Operator in LIC HOUSING FINANCE Ltd.
    for 6 months.From (January 2002 To June 2002)

    Job Profile : Office Routine Work, Filing Documents,
    Receiving /attending Telephone Calls, Attend
    the Customers, Visit the Customers, Handling
    Housing Loans Projects, Word, Excel, ETC.

    Place :

    Date :

    Amol Anil Vaidya

  2. Hi

    I’m an exasperated customer of ICICI Bank

    I’ve placed instructions, with one of the RMs at ICICI to invest my funds into the IOIF Mutual funds of ICICI, some 25 days ago (approx ) and till date I have NOT even received the contract note !! NOR a statement of my investments

    I am totally un clear on

    (a) whether the funds were invested ?

    (b) If so at what NAV etc …

    In the meanwhile the Indian Market has been moving up rather fast !! and even taked a bit today !!!

    My repeated calls to the concerned RM at ICICI have been met with polite replies like “…everything is fine..”, “…you will soon get a reply..” and so on, though NOTHING has happened ..

    I have tried writing to ICICI’s NRI help desk, the team leaders etc .. but of NO use ….

    Do any of you know the Chief of ICICI’s international operations ? or does anyone here have his e mail id ?

    I wish to register a complaint … or at least track my funds

    Any help from the board members / blog readers would be appreciated




    I hold 2 Health Insurance policies (Family Floater Plan) with ICICI Lombard – that is my misery. One was purchased in 2006 & renewed in 2007. Then I wanted my child to be included in the plan to which ICICI Lombard refused. Hence, I had to buy another plan in 2008 March (again Family Floater) covering myself & my daughter. My first plan i.e older one came up for renewal in 2008. Since I made no claims to ICICI Lombard for last 2 years I was entitled for No Claim Bonus. But the company instead hiked my premium. On query, they simply reply that we have increased the premium as you are an old customer & now more benefits would be coming to you. Hence you can go anywhere & if you do, you lose all your benefits which you are entitled to after 2 years of policy. So either renew by paying higher premium or just go off and lose your benefits. DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO NOW BUT ADVISE OTHER CONSUMERS NOT BE FALL IN THE SAME TRAP AS THEY WOULD KNOW ONLY AFTER 2 YEARS. BETTER NOT TO GO FOR ICICILOMBARD – ADVISE FROM A SUFFERING CONSUMER

  4. Hi,
    I am victim of ICICI Lombard office Jankapuri, before 3 months i got a call from janakuri office to issue me ICICI Credit card. the tele caller name was minakshi under SM Sandeep Mishra. the executive whom came to collectme credit card impression and other document named Deepak. after some the telecaller Minakshi confirmed me my Date of birth . after some days i got insurance policy which was not requested by me. then i canceled my policy but they didn’t return full amount , when i call to that tele caller named minakshi then they tolerate me and she kad sayed that we fired deepak the executive guy. after some time i requested my form the i saw that the whole information was filled up by any other persion. after some time when i called to Jankpuri office then talk to ASM named Sandeep Mishra the he was saying that he had fired Minakshi, by doing this my query not going to be solved i want that ICICI lombard shound refund full amount . this is not fare .Is icici lombard is fruad nature company.
    Pls avoid to provide your documents to any ICICI product becoz u know that u r going to buy product according to you but finally u will get other thing .Pls aware.

  5. The reason why I am writing this email is I got a call from Azhar from ICICI Credit Card Hyderabad on 1 Apr at 14:19 hrs by the number 040-44364800. He said that the purpose of the call is to enhance my credit limit from 40,000 to 1,20,000.

    The conversation goes like this:

    AZHAR (ICICI C.C): He introduced himself & then started confirming my CC details. He already had my CC number, Exp Date, my Billing Date, Outstanding bill amount, DOB and the rewards point.

    Rushabh (me): My biggest mistake was I said yes; I thought the guy has all the details means the call is very genuine.

    Azhar: He requested me to buy and health insurance from LOMBARD to gain the reward points through which my limit will be enhanced. He assured me that he will not activate the policy from there and will put the cancellation request as soon as the VRS department forwards the Request of policy.

    Rushabh: I took the policy and immediately got a call from him that he has forwarded the cancellation request and I will get a call from cancellation department asking the reason for canceling.

    PINKY: She called me at16:33 hrs from 040-44367000 and asked me why I want to cancel the policy. I explained her and cancelled my policy. She replied that the policy is been cancelled without any cancellation charges and I will get the reference number within few minutes. She also added that please do not consider the sms which I got from CC department (debit message) and don’t bother about the documents which I will receive after 15 days.

    Rushabh: I thought that the policy is cancelled however today morning i.e. on 4-Apr-09 I got an SMS from ICICI Lombard that the policy has been released and I will get it after 14 days. I was shocked and I called the Toll Free no. 18002098888 to check whether the policy is cancelled or not, Suresh said that the policy is not deactivated yet. I was pissed off and then I confirmed with my Credit card department regarding the CC limit, they said that no such request has been maid. I explained him about the call and policy and he replied that the call from Hyderabad was a false call from outbound center of ICICI Lombard.

    I accept my mistake that I took the policy just to enhance my CC limit, however my complaint is how could those people can ACCESS my CC Details which I have mentioned above. The reason I trusted the called was because he had my all the details. If you can check my previous transactions I have never ever made any default and so I thought you guys want to enhance my CC limit, but now I understood the entire game. I would take this very seriously and would also like to make a written complaint for floating my CC details and making false calls for selling the policies over the phone. This is completely unethical and won’t be tolerated.

    Below are the numbers from which I got the calls:
    040-44367000 at 14:19 hrs
    040-44365600 at 15:08 hrs
    044-43574768 at 15:30 hrs call from VRS
    040-44364300 at 15:49 hrs
    040-44364800 at 16:33 hrs

    I have cancelled the policy today itself REF: 40409443 and will bear a cancellation charge of Rs. 864 (I don’t know why should I bear this charge, after been cheated…). I would never ever like to trust the ICICI bank and its employ for any kind of further transactions.

    I would like to request you not to float my credit card details amongst your employs. I will definitely fight for cheating me.
    Rushabh Shah

  6. Hi Rishi and Manish

    I had the same experience.They took personal use of my credit card for promoting their product.Why don’t we lodge a common complaint against this company?

    mail me

  7. One and half year back one person from ICICI called me and asked to do one health insurance. At that I asked him that if at all I wanted to make cancellation of policy, then what will happen to the premium which I paid. He told me that I will be getting the full amount whenever you cancel the policy.

  8. Hi Manish said truths:

    My friendd also lost some money, My friend Ramesh call to that tele caller then they negleted me and he had sayed that we fired executive guy. after some time i requested my form, so don’t believe fraud companies, we also lost some money so don’t give chance to fraud companies.

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