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Google, BSNL Dataone, Kingsly

For some reason, Google throws up my post on my BSNL Dataone experience in the very first page when you search for BSNL Dataone. What this has meant is that many people looking for answers to questions, information on BSNL Dataone or just to register their frustration at BSNL’s Dataone practices end up on my blog, using the comments to ask questions or share their experiences and opinions. I think it is time I did something responsible and pointed readers to some real information.

Kingsly, uber-geek, techno-wizard, and above all a man with infinite patience, has compiled a list of FAQs on BSNL Datone, as well as an exhaustive study of the BSNL Dataone metering system, which throws up more than a few surprises!

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