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Pics of Chicks!

Heh heh!

Finally, I get to post pics of chicks on my blog. Just my luck – I get a chance to get some fantastic close ups of the two chicks who have been camping out on my balcony for the past few days, and then I realise that Magesh has borrowed my camera. So I have to make do with my pathetic little camera phone. Doesn’t matter, think I, I shall make the most of this opportunity. I go up to them and start clicking – they flinch a little at first, but are comfortable after that. The picture I liked best is a full frontal, and so, ladies and gentlemen, here is, for the first time on Blogocentricity, a picture of two chicks!


These are juvenile Rock Pigeons, commensal of man and commonly regarded as vermin. We have a surfeit of them in the colony where we live, and a pair decided that one of Vidya’s empty plant pots would be their nest. To stake their claim, they desultorily brought in a few twigs and dropped them in the pot. We realised that they were doing it to tell us that this was their home only when we saw an egg in it one day. The next day, there was another egg. Eighteen days passed, and these two lovelies hatched from them. During the incubation period, there has been an understanding between us and the parents – we don’t distub them while they are roosting, and they don’t try to drive us away when we need to use the balcony for drying our clothes. Plus they don’t crap on the clothes. It has been working well so far.

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