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Gmail for

After reading Suresh’s post on Gmail for your domain, I went and registered.

Yesterday, I got an email from Google, saying that I could join the beta.  All I had to do was make a few changes to the MX records of my domain – in this case. It was very easy to do, and Google’s instructions were easy and clear, and voila, my domain was gmailed!

I had stopped using my navin@ email address because of the amount of spam it was getting. Now that it is being handled by the Gmail spam filters, I should be able to resume using it.

Now, all that remains is for Google to allow you to merge your gmail and own domain email accounts – that would make it perfect!

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  1. Navin,
    Currently, we are able to get only the first few lines thru the RSS feed. Why can’t you enable delivery of the entire post thru the RSS feed?

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